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Why Choose Cloud For Windows Hosting in Pune?

Balasai Net Pvt. Ltd. Is one of the most trusted and renowned Windows Web Hosting companies in India. Our rock solid Windows Hosting comes with a multitude of features such as 99.9% Uptime, Plesk Control Panel, ASP.Net, MYSQL, PHP, IIS and more.

Our Windows Hosting is powered to offer your lightning fast speed for your eCommerce business. You can choose from a standard plan or an enterprise plan to suit your business requirements. We can also help customise the windows hosting plan as per your business requirements.

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Windows Hosting Features in Pune at Balasai Net

Optimised Hosting

Our Shared Hosting Servers servers are optimised to make sure that your site runs in isolation. Traffic / Malfunctions on a different site on the server don’t affect your site. Available on selected servers.

On Demand Backup and Restore

No need to raise a support request. Take complete control of your backups. Also available on all our shared hosting servers!

Powerful Panels

All windows shared servers are equipped with powerful and feature rich Plesk control panels. It is very easy to manage all the configurations.

Multiple Hosting package to Choose

We Provide multiple packages to choose from according to your requirements


24/7 Live Support

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Shared Web Hosting with Free cPanel

All Linux Shared Hosting Plans come with cPanel, to make host-ing easy for everyone. Setting-up addon domains, Emails, FTP and Databases is convenient with our FREE cPanel.

Call us: +123-456-7890

24/7/365 Support at Balasai Net in Pune.
We work when you work.

Our network monitoring and support services are continuous and uninterrupted. You can reach our Customer Support team through live chat or tickets 24 hours a day. 


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