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Are you looking for a shared web hosting company or shared web hosting services in Pune which is fast, reliable,  secure hosting since 1997 ? Look no further, as Balasai Net Pvt. Ltd. is here to help! Shared web hosting is an excellent and cost-effective web hosting alternative allowing numerous websites to share resources on a single server. It enables websites to share server space, memory, and CPU power with various websites hosted on the respective server.

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Balasai Net has been providing its world class web hosting services to the web community since 1997. As one of the most trusted and reliable companies, we present safe, secure and cost-effective web hosting services.

We believe in providing a truly best  service web hosting to small businesses, medium businesses, large businesses, start-ups and individual professionals. We provide our customers with a full suite of web hosting services that help in growing and enhancing their online presence.

All our web hosting plans come with great features, fast and secure servers, and high quality client services for which we are recognized as one of the best web hosting companies in India for the past 25 years.


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Frequently Asked Questions​

In simple words, shared web hosting refers to hosting multiple websites on a single server. Every website or customer has a specific number of resources they can share on the server, depending on the shared web hosting plan chosen.

Dedicated web hosting refers to a single server dedicated to a particular website. On the other hand, shared web hosting is hosting numerous websites on a single server.

Some advantages of shared web hosting include the following.

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Increased flexibility
  • Multiple domain hosting
  • No bandwidth restrictions
  • Easier maintenance and setup
  • Simplified resource sharing

Yes. It is safe and reliable. However, the choice of your shared web hosting service provider matters, as aspects like security remain the hosting provider’s responsibility.

Yes. It can prove a conducive option for small businesses, individual blogs, websites with low to moderate traffic, and beginners planning to launch a small website.

Shared web hosting functions by hosting multiple websites on a single server and those websites sharing resources on that particular server.

Shared web hosting doesn’t impact SEO. But your choice of the shared web hosting service provider will prove vital for your site per Google’s webmaster quality guidelines.

It is a much more affordable option than dedicated web hosting.

It is a suitable option for new eCommerce websites. But with an increase in volume and traffic, you should switch to dedicated web hosting.

  • System uptime guarantee
  • Monthly traffic handling capacity
  • Data security measures and protocols
  • Page loading speed
  • Options for payment method integration
  • Technical and customer support
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We have been associated with Balasai for almost 14 years. Mr. Prashanto Mitra is highly reliable & knowledgeable technocrat. We had dedicated servers for highly secured web information system for an esteemed defense establishment. During our tenure of supporting this esteemed organization there was absolutely 0 failure in terms of hardware failure or security breach. We also host dedicated servers for our customers running web applications critical to their business.

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We are indeed very happy for your uninterrupted services for years together and we never thought of any other service provider

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Balasai provides reliable and excellent services. Availing their services since over 20 years, with high confidence

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More than 15 Years’ Experience with Balasai as our web hosting partner & customer service that has been a very appropriate at helping us find solutions to our web communication needs

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