DNS Management

DNS Management
in Pune

Experience the real time reflection of the modifications of records. With us you can be rest assured about the reliability and availability of your online presence..

Balasai Net Provides Managed DNS Services which are completely managed by experts. Reflection of any modifications of records will be in real time. We have been managing DNS since 2000. We are constantly upgrading and expanding our network to exceed industry standards so the customers can get highest returns on their investment. Our robust topology deployment of multiple DNS servers has ensured 99.9% uptime, ever since 2000

Why we need DNS Management services in Pune

 With us managing your DNS You will be free from most of the administrative tasks and the constant worry of the downtime. Below are some of the benefits you will get if we manage your DNS.

Cloud based infrastructure

Balasai Net is designed to operate as a cloud-based infrastructure service. Our self-developed system for synchronisation and data distribution allows our customers to monitor in real time the DNS records on each name servers. With our service, you can add extra DNS records instantly at any time.

Professional Features And Tools​

As a Managed DNS hosting provider, we provide a large number of professional DNS features and tools for Primary, Secondary and Reverse DNS. We support all types of DNS records and settings you need.

Secured DNS

Balasai Net Provides a complete solution to our customers. Our Name Servers are secured with firewall and also DDoS protected.

24/7 Support

Our network monitoring and support services are continuous and uninterrupted. You can reach our Customer Support team through live chat or tickets 24 hours a day.


Customers Review

We have been associated with Balasai for almost 14 years. Mr. Prashanto Mitra is highly reliable & knowledgeable technocrat. We had dedicated servers for highly secured web information system for an esteemed defense establishment. During our tenure of supporting this esteemed organization there was absolutely 0 failure in terms of hardware failure or security breach. We also host dedicated servers for our customers running web applications critical to their business.

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Sahir Projects

We are indeed very happy for your uninterrupted services for years together and we never thought of any other service provider

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Talera Hoteliers Pvt Ltd

Balasai provides reliable and excellent services. Availing their services since over 20 years, with high confidence

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More than 15 Years’ Experience with Balasai as our web hosting partner & customer service that has been a very appropriate at helping us find solutions to our web communication needs

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Manav Promoters Pvt. Ltd.
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