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VultR Cloud

Welcome to VultR Cloud hosting platform

Outperform bare metal with VultR’s 100% Intel CPU and 100% SSD platform.


  • Activate in seconds. Online 24×7
  • 100% Intel Cores: Latest generation Intel CPUs guarantee consistent performance.
  • Infinite OS combinations: Deploy CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, FreeBSD, (and more!) or use our Upload ISO feature.
  • Scaling: Easily scale your VultR to handle increases in traffic with just a few clicks. Resizing is as simple as logging in, clicking, and letting our system do the rest of the work.
  • Advanced networking connectivity: Establish per-account regional private networks for your account’s instances, add multiple IPv4 addresses per VPS, enable IPv6 connectivity, and more!.
  • Deployment automation: Utilize our snapshot features and on-first-boot startup scripts to fully automate your deployments.
  • Root administrator access: Full “root” access and a dedicated IP address included with all VMs.

And Balasai’s Server Management Services to help keep everything running smoothly !!

Key Benefits of VultR Cloud

  • Upload ISO
    Infinite possibilities
    : Custom ISO allows you to mount your image from Vultr instances and run through the boot & setup process as you would on a baremetal server and with direct console access available in the customer portal, you can customize your install even when network connectivity on the instance is not available.

    Customize once, create a snapshot, and re-deploy : While using the Custom ISO feature, you don’t always have to run through the setup process of your operating system to deploy more servers. Take advantage of our snapshot feature to create an image of your deployed server and quickly launch more instances with the same setup in any of our points of presence around the world!

    Increase troubleshooting possibilities : Custom ISO adds some new options in your administrator toolbox when the underlying operating system gets corrupted/unbootable after kernel customization and other non-standard system upgrades. With the Vultr platform, this feature ensures your data is not automatically lost! Browse Vultr Docs and learn how you can upload your own rescue ISO to recover your data and fix your system configuration.

  • DDoS Protection
    With Native DDoS Mitigation System add an additional layer of protection to keep your hosting infrastructure online and operating optimally even when they are the target of attacks.
    Real-Time Analytics & Reporting : Our system monitors network traffic and routes malicious activity to our attack mitigation farm as soon as a DDoS event is detected, generally within 60 seconds

    No Increased Latency and No Routing : Vultr’s DDoS mitigation system protects your cloud server natively inside the Vultr network. This means no increased latency and no routing of your traffic to a third party.

    Powerful : DDoS Protection adds 10Gbps of mitigation capacity per instance and safeguards all attached IPv4 addresses. Custom protection levels above 10Gbps will be available soon.

  • Bring Your IP Space
    Deploy platform-agnostic and highly available infrastructure on the high performance Vultr platform with your own IP space.

Addon Services

VultR Backup

We offers automatic backup as an option on VultR compute instances. An instance with automatic backups enabled will have a 20% higher base monthly fee.

cPanel with Linux

cPanel control panel can be purchased with CentOS (64 bit) as an Addon

Reverse DNS

VultR allow custom rDNS entries for virtual machine IPs.

Additional IP Address

Additional IP address can be purchased with VultR instance for ₹ 175/- plus Tax per IP address. You can have maximum of 2 additional IPv4 IPs per VPS.

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