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What to do to unSuspend the site

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   Get in touch with our support. Generally we do reactivate the site when clients confirm that either they, or their developers, are ready and able to start working on the site to eradicate any rogue files.

   If this is the first time a Malware warning has been given, it may be acceptable to just delete the infected file(s) and take remedial action to prevent any further infection. This would include:

  • Delete all files detailed in the Malware warning mail.
  • Follow the CMS guidelines to secure your installations.
  • Updating all outdated scripts (such as Wordpress or Joomla) and removing any that are not used.
  • Updating script plugins and removing any that are no longer used.
  • Correcting inappropriate file permissions.
  • Changing insufficiently secure passwords for databases, FTP and email accounts.

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