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What Support Does Balasai Net Pvt Ltd Provide

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What Support Does Balasai Net Pvt Ltd Provide ?

Managed Services.

As per the SLA signed up with the customer.

Server Colocation Services.

As per the SLA signed up with the customer.

Dedicated Servers Services

 As per the SLA signed up with the customer.

Shared Hosting and Mailing Solutions.

We support and manage the physical hardware , Operating System, Control Panel , Other  software & services running on the server and the internal network at the internet data center. We take the back up of the systems and customers data periodically, however it is required that the customers do preserve a local copy of their live data at all times.

We do offer support to you  for following type of requests.

 1. If your website or email accounts are *NOT* up and running.
 2. FTP/Mail/admin password reset.  (Passwords are never stored with us. If you forget a password , we need to reset it to a new password).
 3. Assistance for Mail Client configurations.
 4. DNS Entries modifications.
 5. Managed DNS entries for customer.
 6. Basic Mail Component/Mail script related problems.
 7. SQL Transaction Log Backup
 8. Blocked IP release request.
 9. Setting up email defense rules
 10. Setting special for mail filtering on Email Defense Service.
 11. Diagnosis of your network IP status , if you are unable to view your web sites , send / receive  mails from your machine.
 12. Any other issues that can not be resolved through the control panels provided to the customers.

Professional Services.

We offer a wide range of professional services to make sure that you get answers for all your needs. These services are offered by highly trained and engineers. All professional services are charged based on the nature & scope of it. 


Out of scope of our support

  1. If our servers and network are determined not to be contributing to a problem you are experiencing, we may not be able to assist you in resolving the problem.
  2. We cannot provide technical support for your workstation or internet connectivity. You should contact your vendor for assistance with configuration issues, and your network provider for connectivity issues.
  3. Networking issues outside of our network -  we have no control  over the internet network once it leaves our datacenter. We work closely with our data center provider to help track down connectivity issues, and resolve them quickly whenever they are under our control (or our provider's). However, if an issue occurs outside that scope, we cannot correct or support it.
  4. Modifications to your web sites other than the Professional services.
  5. View / Deletion of Mails from Mail Boxes.
  6. Any tasks that can be done by the end user from the Control Panel .

If you're uncertain whether we can help with a specific issue, please feel free to ask us. If we can help, we will; if not, we'll do our best to point you in the right direction..

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