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Transferring of Hosting to Balasai's Server

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1 Setup a new account with Balasai Hosting.

2.Upload all of your website files to the Balasai's Hosting web servers.

3.Create Email Ids on Balasai's Email server using mail admin control panel.Meantime download all mails from old server.

4.Then simply update your name servers on your domain record (with whomever your registrar is) to point to Balasai Hosting's web servers. Primary:

5.If you have your domain registered with your existing hosting company, we can physically transfer the domain in - this is NOT necessary and is only personal preference.

6.At this point, you can cancel your old web hosting service.We normally suggest waiting 2-3 days to ensure a completely streamline transfer.

7.Following the above easy steps will ensure a completely streamline transfer with ZERO downtime.

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