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SSL/TLS and Webmail / Mobile Phone Issues

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Since mid 2016, TLS version 1.2 is being preferred as the encryption mechanism.
Updates were rolled out by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and other browsers,
and the different Operating Systems (for both computing platforms and mobile),

TLS 1.2 is currently the best method of encryption for browsing and email needs, that is quite widely supported.

Unfortunately, older Operating Systems (Windows Vista and older, Android 4.3 and older, IOS 7 and older) do not support TLS 1.2 fully.
The specific aspect that these do not support is the use of SNI (Server Name Indicator) which is mandatory for TLS 1.2 handshake.
This is the reason the some mobile clients may be facing an issue.

Recommended Settings for Email Clients (including mobile phones and tablets)

Incoming / Outgoing Server: "servername"
All our shared CPanel servers have valid SSL/TLS Certificates.
(The correct hostname [servername] for each account is found by clicking "Server Information" in the right Sidebar just above the Statistics section after logging into CPanel.
If you see only a single word, it will be that word followed by

Username: Full Email Address
Password: Whatever you set

Whenever the SSL certificate / hostname changes, the device (phone / tablet) cache will need to be cleaned, and also may need to be restarted.

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