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Setting up Password Protected Directories

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Password protecting a directory is useful if you want only a select few people to be able to access it using the login info you specify.

1. Login to the Plesk.

2. First go to Websites & Domains.

3. You may need to Show Advanced Operations.

4. Click on Password-protected Directories link.

5. Click the corresponding Manage link next to the domain.

6. Click on the Add Protected Directory icon.

7. Enter the directory name in the box to the right of Directory name.

8. Then click OK.
  • Now that the directory has been created, we need to create users each with their own username and password.

9. Select the directory.

10. Click Add New User.

11. Choose a username and password and enter them in these boxes.

12. Click OK.

The user account for access to the protected Directory will be created successfully. You can create a user for each person you want to be able to access the directory.

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