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Repeated instances of MALWARE warnings

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  We recommend following steps :

  • Backup your database
  • Download a copy of your site, but keep it separate from your clean backups.
  • Delete all files from your public_html directory.
  • Delete the database and database users.
  • Contact us so that we can confirm that the hosting package is clean.
  • Change all passwords relating to the site, including database, administration, FTP, and mailboxes.
  • Rebuild your site from the latest releases of your CMS, or upload a known clean backup (Web and Database) and update all scripts to the latest releases. If your site is custom-built, you should review the HTTP logs and vulnerable source to identify the issue, and resolve it.
  • Audit your site's security.
  • Contact us to re-enable the site.
  • Or use third party services to audit and clean your sites. (Web and Database contents.)


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