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I am getting error after migrating my Mamboo based site from php 5.2 to 5.3. How to resolve

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Resolution for PHP Error "Fatal error: Call to undefined method mosMenu::mosDBTable() in //home/username/public_html/mambo/includes/core.classes.php on line XXXX "

1. Open /include/database.php in an editor.

2. Add the given function just after "var $_db = null;"

  function mosDBTable($table='', $keyname='id', $db='') {
 $this->mosDBAbstractRow ($table, $keyname, $db);

3. Save and upload database.php.

4. If you getting any warning in public_html/includes/Cache/Lite/Function.php,

$result = call_user_func_array($target, $arguments);
$result = call_user_func_array($target, &$arguments);

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