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How to add DNS records through domain control panel

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  • Login your domain control panel with URL :
  • Enter your Username i.e., your email address and Password.
  • Then under "Jump to domain” option enter your domain name "" and then click on go option.
  • To use selfmanaged Name Servers, search for the option “Name Server Details” under “DNS management “ section. You can see below NS details :
  • In further To add different DNS records for domain, click the Manage DNS link. The DNS Management Console will pop-up through which you may add any of the following Records: A, MX , CNAME ,TXT.
  • After adding record, click the Add Record button to submit your Record.

Now you can point this NS for your domain though option Manage Name Servers.

Note :
Similarly, to modify or Delete an A Record, simply click the Record Name from the list and then click either the Modify Record or Delete Record button.

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