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How to Upload site using FTP ?

Download or install a FTP client software like Cute-FTP, Filezilla , WS-FTP of your choice / policy.

A typical session with ws-ftp would be ..
Open the WsFTP Pro software.

In the Connection Dialog box, click on Create Site.

Enter the name of the site in the Name Field (name can be any name that you wish to give to the site) and click on Next.

Enter the IP/Site name in the Host Address field.

Enter the FTP User Name in the User Id field.

Enter the FTP Password in the Password field.

Leave the Account field blank and click on Finish.

Select the site that you have created and Click on Connect. .

Double click on 'www' directory in the right frame.

Select the file(s) that you wish to upload in the left frame.

Right Click on the files selected and click on Upload.

You will see the progress of files transferring

Once the file is uploaded, check through your browser if the uploaded file is published properly.

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