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Creating site on the VPS Server

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Creating site on the VPS Server

1. Open the Windows VPS control panel as per the details provided in the mail.

2. Before creating domain,you will need to create a package for the site.(Allocation of resources)

Click on Plan Manager --> My Plan --> Click on Add Plan.

You may create plan with two options :

a. Create an individual plan for each domain.
b. Create a generic plan (template) and assign to all the domains and later add the add-ons as per your customer's requirement.

3. Enter the name of the plan and the description ,set the Setup Price , Recurring Price to 0 and Duration 1 month ,click next.

4. Allocate the resource/s for the plan /template.You can allocate only those resources,which you have been alloted--> click Create New

5. Click on User Manager --> Add User --> Enter the following:
a. Login Name
b. Password
c. Full Name
d. User Description
e. Email Address
f. Select the Plan for the user/site to be created.

Click on Add WebAdmin.

6. Click on Domains --> Add Site --> Enter the Website name ( --> select the user created in Step 5.

7. Select Website Type as Name Based Domain.

8. If you want to allocate mailing to the site select the check box for mailing or de-select to bypass mailing and click on Next --> Next -->

9 .You have successfully create the site on the server.

10. Sent a mail to to setup the DNS for the site.

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