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Creating Packages and Configuring Sites

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Creating site on the VPS Package :

1. Open the Linux VPS control panel as per the details provided in the mail.

2. Before creating domain,you will need to create a package for the site.
Hence click on Packages ---> Add New Package, here you need to create a packages for assigning to your customer's requirement.
You may create package with two options :

a. Create an individual package for each domain.
b. Create a generic package(template) and assign to all the domains and later add the add-ons as per your customer's requirement.

3. Once you create a package, go to Home page og your control panel.

4. Click on Account Functions - Create a New Account

5. Keyin the domain name.

6. When you press tab "UserName" will automatically generated from the domain name,the username can take maximum of 8 characters.
This is the FTP user name for the domain /site that is being created /configured.

7. Enter the password.This is the FTP password for the domain /site.

8. Select the package you want to assign.

9. Enter contact Email.

10.Click on create.

This will create /configure the domain/site under your VPS package.

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