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  • 04/11/2016 2:58 PM

As part of on going efforts to upgrade technology, skills and to offer latest and best services to our customers,so they can choose upgraded platforms for their current services , we shall be offering a range of new products.

We are pleased to announce the offering of new 'SSD Cloud Servers' with Linode for all your Linux based cloud server needs.

Quick Insight at Linode's SSD Servers:

A. Zeus Like power with:
. SSD Storage: Industry-leading native SSDs for optimal performance.
. 40Gbit Network: 40Gbps throughput with multiple levels of redundancy.
. Intel E5 Processors: The fastest processors in the cloud market.
. Highly scalable from 2GB RAM to 120 GB, 1 CPU Core to 20 Cores, 24 GB SSD disk storage to 1920 GB , All on the fly.
. Additional features available for backups, Node balancers, LongView and server management.

B. Do more with your SSD Cloud Server nodes.
. Host your website on your own server. No hassles of shared hosting limitations or security risks.
. Host your Mailing needs and scale as you grow. Your IP reputation remains good and unaffected by shared hosting neighbours.
. Blazing fast WordPress, Joomla etc hosting, highly scalable, secure as per your needs.
. Add your own internal chat solution for company wide employees using software like OpenFire.
. Build a multi-node high availability set up or anything, there are no limitations now to host your ideas for efficient businesses.

C. 99.9% Server uptime for Servers Availability

Try the fastest hardware and network in the industry, Starting with as low as Rs 850/- per month for One Core, 2GB RAM, 24 GB SSD cloud.

For more details please visit:

Please feel free to call us at 020-25662112/020-25662605 or mail at to receive more information.

Thanks & Regards,
Balasai Team.

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