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Scheduled Maintenance at US Datacenter on 18.04.2013

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Dear Customer,
Maintenance has been scheduled at Internet Data center for the Server on which Web/DB/Mail Service is hosted.

Affected Server:

Date: Thursday, April 18, 2013 (04/18/2013)
Start Time: 07:00 AM UTC (12.30 PM IST)
End Time: 11:00 AM UTC (04.30 PM IST)
Services affected: Server connectivity and back-end services
Location: SanJose
Duration: 4 hours

Datacenter Network Engineers, working in tandem with the hardware vendor, have identified an
issue on customer routers which provides connectivity for your server(s) and
back-end services. To prevent an unplanned outage resulting in significant downtime,
Engineers will be performing firmware upgrades during a scheduled maintenance

During this maintenance, all servers in this datacenter will initially
experience a disruption in back-end services on the private network, such as
DNS resolution, iSCSI, NAS, data backup, and SSL/PPTP/IPSec managed VPN access
to servers while the MBR (master back-end router) is rebooted for upgrade.
Back-end private network connectivity from servers in SanJose facility
to servers in other pods will also be disrupted during this maintenance.

While the maintenance window is set for 4 hours from April 18, 2013 12.30 AM - 04.30 PM IST
we expect the initial services disruption to last less than 30 minutes, and subsequent disruption to each pod to
last less than 30 minutes, as well.


We appreciate your patience during this work and welcome your feedback.

In case of any queries/concerns, please feel free to contact our Support Team ticketing system, Live Support chat, or by phone at 020-65006790/91.

Thank you,

Balasai Support

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