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Emergency PHP Upgrade Activity:

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Dear Customer,

Greetings from Balasai Net Pvt. Ltd.!!

Emergency PHP upgrade activity will be carried out on the server "" where your websites/reseller accounts are hosted. It is necessary to upgrade the PHP to a stable version i.e. PHP 5.4, as the current PHP version 5.3 is end of life.

Current PHP version on server:
PHP : 5.3

Version which will upgrade to:
PHP : 5.4

There is a benefit of improved security and new features those are available with this new version. By this upgrade, the websites which are developed with PHP 5.3, will need to re-verify the code and if necessary you will have to change the code as per the new version requirements.

This upgradation activity will be started on 17th July 2015(Friday) after 06:00 PM(IST). This process will take maximum 30-45 mins. You may face problem to access your website during this process.

If your website is using PHP 5.3, please note that after upgrading the PHP version to 5.4 your website/code/application might not work. In that case you or your developer has to make it work. Balasai Net Pvt. Ltd. will not be responsible in such cases.

We appreciate your patience during this work and welcome your feedback. In case of any queries/concerns, please feel free to contact our Support Team on Ticketing System, Live Support Chat or by Phone at 020-65006790/91.

Thank you for continuing Business with Balasai Net Pvt. Ltd.

Thanks & Regards,

Balasai Team.

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