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"Email account hacked" Mystery Revealed...

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  • 05/11/2018 3:08 PM

Dear Valued customer,

Recently number of users worldwide, has reported that they receives spam mail with subject "Email account hacked".

We have done some analysis on such mails and found that, this is an email spoofing.

Why spammers send such mails?

Spammers send out these emails to make money. When they send spam emails, they are not just sending it to you but to also to millions of other people.

What does spam mail headers say?

  • Originating IP
  • Actual sender email id
  • Spam score
From headers of such spam mails we can identify actual sender and originating IP address. We noticed those mails was actually sent from some unknown remote host like “,”.

So, it is clear that spammers/scammers are actually not using users email authentication to send such type of spam mails.

As this is spam campaign so it might be possible that you will also receive such type of spam mails. Sample mail copy and its header is attached.

Measures you need to take to minimize such spam mails?

  • Create complex passwords: Your passwords to access your email accounts should consist of a combination of numbers, upper- and lower-case letters, and special characters that is difficult to guess and Don't use the same password for more than one email account and for social media profiles.
  • Change your passwords often: In addition to keeping your password a secret, you should change the passwords on your various email accounts and devices at least once every three months. Be sure not to use the same password twice. Remember to change your password, substantially, do not simply replace one letter with a number.
  • Log out of email accounts when you're done with them: Simply closing the browser window isn't always enough, so make sure you click (or tap) on your account name and select Log Out (or Sign Out in some cases) to manually sign out of your account and remove your login credentials from the site.
  • Avoid clicking suspicious links or responding to unknown emails. If you get an unsolicited email, or an email from a sender that you cannot verify, treat it as a hacking attempt. Do not click on any links or give the sender any personal information
  • Update your devices and software on time: As soon as an update becomes available for anything from your phone's Facebook app to its entire operating system, you should apply it if possible.
In order to Secure/Protect your Inbox from various Spam, Viruses, Malwares and new generation threats you can always opt for any spam filtering solution.

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