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cPanel Account Backup

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As part of on going efforts to upgrade technology, we are pleased to announce the offering of new 'On demand Website Data Backup and Restore services on Amazon AWS S3 storage' for our cPanel customers.

Website data is very important for business. Unfortunately, many customers do not take back up of the data.
In today's era, the customers can not afford to have no backups. All big enterprises thrive on planning, implementing and ensuring a proper policy of backing up of their important data.
Why all big enterprises, why not all ?? Till now, the technology and cost was prohibitive.
With the advent of cloud computing, it is much cheaper to back up your data on clouds.

We have deployed this new service around the most robust AWS S3 storage which has an uptime of 99.9999999%.
We have integrated Self restore GUI for cPanel and WHM users! Full account restore, singe file restore, download files/backups, restore emails, databases, cron jobs, SSL Certificates and more!

We shall be offering 5GB space on the AWS S3 storage where your backups will reside. You can restore the back ups on our servers or on any other service providers cPanel servers. Which gives so much of freedom and peace of mind for the customers.

Once scheduled, the back ups are automatically done. You can opt for daily backup or weekly or monthly schedules.

As this is a 'Domain based Service', Please revert with domain name for which you wish to activate this Service.

For more details please visit:

Please feel free to call us at '020-25662112/020-25662605' or mail at '' to receive more information.

Thanks & Regards,
Balasai Team.

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