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Email Hosting

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Standard Email Hosting


₹ 1,800 /Year

  • 5 POP Email A/c
  • 5 GB Mail Space
  • 10 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • FREE Setup
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₹ 3,350 /Year

  • 10 POP Email A/c
  • 10 GB Mail Space
  • 20 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • FREE Setup
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₹ 6,450 /Year

  • 20 POP Email A/c
  • 20 GB Mail Space
  • 40 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • FREE Setup
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₹ 9,550 /Year

  • 30 POP Email A/c
  • 30 GB Mail Space
  • 60 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • FREE Setup
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Features Comparison

Email Features STD005G STD010G STD020G STD030G
Web Based Control Panel Yes Yes Yes Yes
POP3/IMAP Email Accounts Yes Yes Yes Yes
SquirrelMail Web Mail Yes Yes Yes Yes
SMTP Server Auth Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spam Assassin Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spam Filters Yes Yes Yes Yes
Catch-All Email Address Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Forwarders Yes Yes Yes Yes
Eamil Aliases Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to Knowledgebase Yes Yes Yes Yes
SpamExperts Support (AddOn) Yes Yes Yes Yes

  • Individual Mail Box size is 2048 MB Max.
  • Taxes extra as applicable.
  • All published prices are applicable only to orders placed and paid for through our online shop. For all other pricing please contact

Great Features

Often it is confusing to select the right hosting package for your needs. There are so many technical terms . Apart from pricing , nothing else looks familiar 🙂 Read more to understand  some  basics right. And for any in-depth technical queries, please contact us.

Flexible Solutions

Quality Consiltancy !

At the heart of our business is the ability to provide you with the right solutions. Functionality wise , Technology wise and Cost wise too !!

We enjoy deploying challenging infrastructure and solutions. Do write to us !


24x7 Support

Round the clock at your service

Our support helpdesk is managed 24X7. We offer different levels of support services for different type of industry needs. Enterprise customers enjoy SLA bound, dedicated and prompt support , round the clock. All other customers also receive round the clock support, log in to our support helpdesk and send your request for prompt resolution ! Enjoy the comfert of knowing that some one is always there to help and guide you.


Compare Technical Specifications

of email Hosting packages

All email hosting packages are not same. The pricing actually depends on the requirement  of usage the mail services for your businesses. Some customers are happy with 100 mails per day , others may need 50,000 per day ! Know in detail the differences and choose your plan correctly. In case of any doubts, feel free to write to us.


Backups Available

Data availability !

We offer a wide range of back up services options based on your needs. The backups are available on highly redundant SAN storages or on low cost NAS stroage devices. Do let us know if you need backup services. We help you plan your backup strategy, implement it and monitor it too !

For automated backup of cPanel Hosting and Mailing accounts, on AWS or NAS, please opt for JetBackup services !!

Optimised Hosting

Saftey and security from rough neibours

Traditional Shared Hosting Servers are risky business. One website on the server that suddenly gets a lot of traffic or has a malfunction could easily bring your site down.
Our Shared Hosting Servers servers are optimized to make sure that your site runs in isolation. Traffic / Malfunctions on a different site on the server don’t affect your site. Available on select servers.