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Standard Mailing Solutions

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Wide variety of Mailing solutions are offered by us to suit your budget and requirements.

We provide messaging solutions to SOHO, SME and large organizations with an aim to create the next generation of large and successful corporations out of them. You will get a data communication platform for professional email addresses, like you@yourcompany.comwith a privilege of running your corporate emails from your site.

You have the freedom to access your mail with your favorite mail software, or use our custom web interface, which has received rave reviews the world over In addition to the standard web mail features, you can configure your own advanced spam filters, fully administer the accounts via a mail control panel, and domain name registration for 1 year, email aliases and global web based accessibility. You can also opt to get all your messages forwarded from your earlier Email ID to the new one on your own domain.

You can choose from various options to make a mailing solution catering exactly to your requirements.

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Broad Features

Features :- Privacy Features :-
You decide storage per account according to your requirement Password Change
Access to your email from your web browser or your favorite mail client Autoresponders and Forwarding
Heuristic spam protection Authenticated SMTP (Outgoing Mail)
Full Control Panel to create, delete and manage mailboxes. Anti SPAM Features :-
POP3 / SMTP / IMAP Support Server wide Spamassassin
Ownership of your Web address Configurable SPAM Filters
Reliability of mail servers and network staff Configurable Block Lists
Installation support for email backup mechanism Configurable Blacklists/Whitelists
No need to purchase additional hardware or software WebMail Features :-
Package is available with 24 different combination….for almost all indian as well as international TLD’s View/Compose Mail in HTML
Use of Emoticons (Smileys) in HTML Mail
Multiple From Addresses / Signatures/ Profiles
Customizable Interface
Auto Filters
Fetch other POP3 Mails