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Small and Medium Enterprises / Small and Medium Business Group

We offer a range of services to meet all your online presence related needs. Right from the Domain Registrations, Web Hosting, Web Promotions to full fledged eCommerce sites equipped with SSL Certificates, SSL support and Payment Gateway integrations. These services come with our expertise and maturity of services unparalleled in the industry.

We understand that you need best of the services within a given budget. We also understand that you may or may not be equipped with the complete Technical Resources to manage your online services needs. The true test of such preparedness is witnessed during the time of crisis, i.e. Any Disconnects in our virtual world. We are there to assist you during such crisis. We are in this business since the birth of hosting era. We have evolved with this technology. We have a huge pile of knowledge base and skills to cope up with any crisis.

Hosting provider is often seen as a mere seller of Disk Space and Bandwidth. Many of the customers may just compare the prices offered and choose a hosting provider. If you have ONLY these three parameters in mind for choosing a hosting provider, you probably landed up at a wrong place. Our prices are not based on the Disk and Bandwidth parameters. We wish to be your Internet Infrastructure provider to the core. Your growth also contributes to our growth. You, of course know, what efforts it takes to start, run, comply, sustain and grow a business. The Disk and Bandwidth is just a tip of the iceberg.

We strive to be transparent with you. All our support related Service Level Agreements scope as well as Not in Scope parameters are clearly defined. Our support team monitors the network and servers round the clock. As of April 2008, our team had maintained an uninterrupted monitoring stint for last 252.288,000 seconds. That speaks about our robust and redundant infrastructure capable of weathering all odds.

Please help yourself to choose the services you are looking. If you need assistance, please contact our sales. Once your needs are defined we get you online quickly, within few minutes after completion of the manual audits of the ordering and execution process.

Once started, we offer you complete scalability to meet your growing needs on the best possible infrastructure.