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Your Wizard Tool for your entire personal and Business Needs

Rely on Zoho Mailing Solutions – Secure Email Hosting for Your Business

Host your personal and business email on a safe, secured, privacy-encrypted and Ad-free email service.

Zoho Complete Package – Switch to professional email with calendar, notes, tasks, bookmarks and tons of other powerful features!

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Why Zoho Workplace ?

Redefining the way your organization works

No matter the size of your business, Zoho Workplace gives you the tools you need to streamline your workflows and increase efficiency. With Workplace, you can seamlessly collaborate with your teams, no matter where you are, and get more done in less time.

Experience our all-in-one view

Access all your Workplace apps without having to move back and forth between browser tabs with the new Workplace dashboard. Customize and rearrange your app widgets, and stay connected with this unified interface. 

Build your team

Productivity and time management are essential components in any company’s growth. Use Workplace to collaborate effectively, master the art of time management, and improve your organization’s productivity.

Versatile tools to simplify your tasks

Access any file type

Open Word documents, PDFs, Excel files, PowerPoint presentations, and more with Sheet, Writer, and Show in the existing formats to start editing right away.

Collaborate in real time

Distance means nothing when your team can collaborate in real time on documents, sheets, and presentations. Track changes, comment directly on the page, spreadsheet, or slide, or set up a video conference to review your project.

Communicate effectively

Team communication is about more than email and chat. Build a social intranet for your organization to stay connected across departments and teams with channels, feeds, groups, and forums.

Work from anywhere

With Workplace, work is just one tap away. Whether you need to access a last-minute presentation, reply to an urgent email, or a host a remote video conference, Workplace helps you get everything done on the move.

Get assistance from Zia

Need a writing assistant or a data analyst? Zia is here to help. When you work in Writer and Sheet, Zia makes sure you deliver your best by improving readability, grammar, and writing style or scans your spreadsheet to search data and answer questions.

Keep your data safe and sound

When you create, collaborate or communicate using the Workplace apps, your information remains secure. Our password encryption, two-factor authentication (TFA), encryption at rest and transit, and other features guarantee your privacy and security.

Enjoy Unmatched Privacy and Security on the Go 

The date centers of Zoho are laced with supreme security and surveillance, with a trustworthy 99.9% uptime. Take advantage of secure Zoho mail hosting solutions that sustains both at rest and end-to-end, along with S/MIME message encryption.

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