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Guide to choose Right Hosting Solution

Hosting solutions can be sold as a commodity product or as a technology solutions. We are primarily the later type.

In the commodity product approach, the hosting packages are offered with discounts, freebies, attractive figures, free extra’s etc etc. While the technology solutions are primarily dependent on your technical infrastructure needs of the goal of having the web presence.

Hosting as a Commodity

Discount !! Buy one get one free !!

We are so used to the bombardment of advt, pop ups, etc. It is a wonderful experience to get much more for far less. It is so exiting. Everyone likes bargain hunting ! If you are a bargain hunter, essentially looking only at price, you will like it !! It is just like going to a mall. You know how it feels after shopping at a mall. Look at your shopping bags, your credit card spent amount and compare it with the original goal of going to the mall. Did you shop only for what you needed ??


Hosting as a Technology Solution

The Nuts and Bolts of the real engine !

How many visitors are expected to visit your online website and how do you plan to offer the best browsing experience to them ? Thats the key goal. This experience comes from the infrastructure used for hosting. The Infrastructure consists of CDN, Routers, Firewalls, switches and servers. For a barest minimum online presence one needs DNS server, Web Server, Mail server, Data base server. The complexity grows based on the technology you used to develop the website too!

Compare the basics of different grades of hosting

Infrastructure Enterprise Standard Budget
Connection Speed As per Demand Fixed Standard Fixed Slower
Firewalls Configurable Standard Standard
Server Types Highly Tweaked Tweaked Mostly default
Server Hardware Customized to meet Power and cost needs Optimum performance Highly powerful to accomodate large quantity of hosting accounts
Server Services DNS,Hosting,Mailing,optionally DB on seprate servers DNS,Hosting,Mailing on seprate servers All services on a single server
Scalability Extremely scalable To some extent No.Read Terms of hosting contract.
Business Contunuity if server fails Only one function affected Only Mails Or Hosting is affected Mails and Hosting both go offline
Problems due to other shared customers issues Very less. Manually monitored and resolved Very less. Manually monitored and resolved Often and likely
Type of other shared customers Very Good Generally Good Mixed community
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