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Purely for Businesses who depend on web presence Engine for running your online business!

Enterprise grade web hosting is different than the run-of-mill hosting and superior to the standard web services. Its a fine craftsmanship of selecting the right ingredients and carefully shaping up the masterpieces. It used to be a luxurious need of Enterprises in past which is quickly becoming a mandatory option.

Firewalls, Network Load Balancers, Cluster servers, Fiber channel Network storages and VPNs etc are some of the major requirements for building an infrastructure suitable for Enterprise hosting.

Tweaking every device for top notch throughput and best efficiency, pro-actively monitoring , identifying and resolving probable bottlenecks , maintaining the stable performance all the time requires extremely competitive personnel , mature processes and committed management . Dedicated teams with right combination of System admins, Network admins, Security experts need to be available round the clock for any unforeseen events .

The Enterprise grade hosting should address all your hosting , Web and applications uptime, Billing and Commerce needs, Security and Monitoring , Scalability and Legal compliance needs.

Some Distinguishing Features of Enterprise Web Hosting :

  • Support Levels : Close co-ordination with your IT Infrastructure and Development team to debug problems. Access to raw server logs. Shell logins if needed to ascertain facts. 100% transparent support , without hand gloves, with the only aim of resolving the technical issues.
  • Proactive Monitoring : Information is passed on to your support team in case we find something wrong with various logs. In case of serious problems, attempts are made to quarantine the problems instead of shutting down the web sites. Incident Management team will work closely with your staff.
  • Superior Performance : No compromise is made on server performance. Customers who need more resources are offered unscaled solutions. Accounts are migrated to different servers to maintain the optimum loads and deliver the best performance.
  • Scalable platform to Grow : As the needs grow in complexity, resource requirements, and security requirements , we take you to the next level of Virtual or dedicated servers with excellent packages and efficient migrations.
  • Best Practices : We follow time tested and continuously improved best practices based on the Industry standards and Customer feedback.

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