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Enterprise customers may need a Dedicated Server sooner than later to ensure smooth and secure functioning of online activities, with the desired flexibility of system and applications, with 100% control of what the server does. This allows businesses to implement their IT needs meeting the business goal.

Many small or medium shared hosting customers find it tough to notice that their current hosting server is not able to cope up with their growth. More visitors, more bandwidth, more server resource need means more business. A time comes, when it is advised to move such growing sites from shared web hosting platform to a dedicated server.

At times, deployment of proprietary applications, OS and application tweaking is required server wide which will not be possible on the shared web servers.

If your business depends on the online presence, you run a profitable e-commerce site, you gather and disseminate sensitive data then it is better to be on secured dedicated server instead of using budget hosting servers. Its your Land and Building rather than a shared business cubicles.

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Dedicated Hosting Server - Prime Benefits

  • If you rent a dedicated server, you get an entire server and network connection to yourself. Your website does not share server resources, disk space, network traffic like shared hosting plans.
  • Flexibility and Software
    With shared hosting, you will have limited access to the operating system, and software applications will be limited to those, which are pre-installed by us. If you want to be able to install and run your own advanced, customized e-commerce or database applications you will probably need a dedicated server. The whole CPU and memory is at your disposal. You can install whatever programs and software that you wish.
  • Scalability
    If you are using a shared server, your upgrade options are limited. Your are allowed to increase the amount of disk space or bandwidth available to your site but that is all. You will not be able to upgrade the hard drive, RAM, processors, or software applications yourself. When you are using a dedicated server, you can do all of these things. Add one or more dedicated IP addresses. The additional bandwidth usually costs much less compared to a sharing hosting plan.
  • Security
    Information on a shared server is likely to be less secure than information on a dedicated server. A dedicated server can also be provided with its own firewall. If you are storing highly sensitive information on your server, this increased security will obviously be a high priority.
  • Server Response Times, CPU Power, Performance.
    The server response times on a shared hosting arrangement depend on what is happening with the other sites hosted on the server. There might be occasions in which a given user will take all the CPU and/or RAM and the server performance can suffer greatly, even a server can go down. These interruptions will be outside your control on a shared server. With a dedicated server, on the other hand, you alone are responsible for managing, and planning for, traffic levels and other events that may affect server response times.

Dedicated Servers - What You Should Know?

  • Dedicated servers are more expensive to rent than shared servers.
  • Dedicated servers also require a higher level of technical skill to operate, Maintain. If you do not have skilled administrators, you have to spend little more for the Managed Services.

For more customisation on below given configurations Contact us for your requirements.

We offer excellent range of dedicated servers to meet your requirements. The offerings starts from very low cost , entry level servers to a very high end , complex, high availability clusters deployment. Here are a few of the factors you will need to consider in making this choice.

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We provide dedicated servers with a range of CPU platforms, RAM and Disks. You can customize your needs or select from a pre-configured server.

Operating System

Obviously, your choice of platform will depend to a large extent on the types of applications you are using and the skills and knowledge you already possess. We Offer Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms you can choose from.

Application Software

Choice of various applications platforms, Database, Control Panel etc. based on your deployment needs.

Data Transfer

Choose your level of data transfer, usually in gigabytes per month. This can always be increased as needed.

Data Backup

We provide excellent back up services as per your needs.


All your servers are monitored 24X7, with strict SLAs in force.

Firewall and DDoS

Robust external Firewall and DDoS detection and prevention services.

Dedicated Server Management Services

Balasai offers various options for your requirements of dedicated server management.


  • Full System Administration.
  • Complete Server Configuration.
  • 24X7 Server Monitoring
  • Control Panel Access
  • Weekly Backup
  • Firewall Network Security
  • Server Traffic Monitor
  • Excellent Reporting
  • Many more options to choose from.


Unrivalled dedicated server hosting support round the clock from expert professionals. A suite of managed dedicated server hosting services to choose from. Full fledged Escalation system to meet SLAs.

Customized Options

Skilled staff in Service Support & Delivery (SSD) and Service Design & Deployment (SDD) to work with you to implement your requirements into our robust server management process.

Buy Dedicated Server from Balasai and enjoy highest speed, security and uptime round the clock, 24/7/365.

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