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Welcome to Linode’s next-generation Cloud hosting platform.

Leverage the latest in virtualization and cloud technologies. It merges the simplicity and security of dedicated servers with the elasticity and reliability of a redundant cloud platform.

High performance SSD Linux servers for all of your infrastructure needs.


Enormous power with:

  • SSD Storage: Industry-leading native SSDs for optimal performance.
  • 40Gbit Network: 40Gbps throughput with multiple levels of redundancy.
  • Intel E5 Processors: The fastest processors in the cloud market.

Do more with your Linode with addons like:

  • Highly scalable
  • Backups
  • LongView
  • Server Management services.

Additional Features

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication increases the security of your Linode Manager account by requiring two forms of authentication — something you have, and something you know.

IPv6 Support

Native IPv6 support is available at all 8 of our datacenter locations. Each Linode starts off with one global IPv6 address and additional IPv6 addresses can be added at no charge.

Rescue Mode

Use Rescue mode to recover from critical errors. Perform system recovery tasks and transfer data off your disk images, if necessary.

DNS Manager

Oversee your domains with our full-featured DNS manager. Supports both master and slave zones.


Easily scale your Linode to handle increases in traffic with just a few clicks. Resizing is as simple as logging in, clicking, and letting our system do the rest of the work.


Clone an entire configuration or just the disk images you select to another Linode. Combine with the IP failover feature to create your own high-availability cluster.

Supported Distributions

Quickly deploy Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Arch, Gentoo, openSUSE, and Slackware images or run a custom distro.


Preserve your disk’s fully prepared software environment. Create snapshots of a disk volume preserving paths, files, boot information and filesystem details for subsequent replication.

99.9% Server Uptime

More about Linode .

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Cloud Node Plans


₹ 850/- /Month

  • Cores : 1
  • RAM : 2 GB
  • Storage : 24 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth : 2 TB
  • IPv4 :1
  • Network In : 40 Gbps
  • Network Out : 125 Mbps


₹ 1,700/- /Month

  • Cores : 2
  • RAM : 4 GB
  • Storage : 48 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth : 3 TB
  • IPv4 :1
  • Network In : 40 Gbps
  • Network Out : 250 Mbps


₹ 3,400/- /Month

  • Cores : 4
  • RAM : 8 GB
  • Storage : 96 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth : 4 TB
  • IPv4 :1
  • Network In : 40 Gbps
  • Network Out : 500 Mbps


₹ 6,800/- /Month

  • Cores : 6
  • RAM : 12 GB
  • Storage : 192 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth : 8 TB
  • IPv4 :1
  • Network In : 40 Gbps
  • Network Out : 1000 Mbps

*Available OS options :

Operating System -

Arch Linux

Addon : Server Management Services

Server Management Services

24X7 Server monitoring
Server updates

Powerful Interface from your client area

Server Information

It Contains all the information related to Server like status running or off .
You can see all the necessary information such as
Data center, Operating System, Reverse IP, Server Status.

crm client interface
disk usage

CRM Client Area

Disk usage

User can see live real data of their server like total disk assigned , total data used and free disk space so it’s very useful for client to watch how much data they have consumed.


Power option

User will have a great UI feature to reboot the server , power on , power off and reinstall operating system so there is no any server admin knowledge required.

linode power


Powerful Control Panel

Monitor server Health. Manage IPs. Reverse DNS Manager and much more !!

Reverse DNS Manager is great feature in the module. In control panel user can mange itself their DNS. User will have the list of the default DNS and can add more Private and Public IP moreover can set the reverse of the IP.