Business Linux Hosting

Business Linux Hosting

Secure Hosting and Backup

Balasai offers fast, secure and user friendly Business Linux Web Hosting for small, medium and large scale businesses. Balasai’s Business Linux Hosting is backed by superior hosting technology and infrastructure that enables us to provide top notch web hosting services to thousands of our existing clients.

Our business web hosting solution is designed to get your business up and running fast.

We understand, a business – small, medium or big needs stable, secure and dedicated Linux Web Hosting for smooth online business operations. Business information stored on hosting servers is critical and needs to be secured and backed up at regular intervals. In order to provide this facility within CPANEL, Balasai has deployed Business Linux Hosting (Shared Linux Hosting + jetBackup Service) so that from the single panel, a business can manage website backup and restoring easily.

We also offer integrated Self Restore GUI for cPanel and WHM users. Full account restores, single file restores, download files/backups, restore emails, database, cron jobs, SSL Certificates and more are offered by Balasai at most affordable prices.

Moreover, you get round the clock, 24/7/365 days support from our team of qualified engineers.

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JetBackup Service

Complete account backup
  • Backup directly to remote destination.
  • Raid 5 NAS Storage as the back up destination.
  • Self restore GUI for cPanel users.
  • Single file restore from local/remote backup.
  • Download files from local/remote backup.
  • DR Mode – Clone accounts by schedule between servers.
  • Point-in-time local/remote incremental backups.
  • Cloudlinux support (put the backup process inside LVE).
  • Restore backup on any other cPanel server.
Complete account backup
  • “Point-in-time incremental backups”. After your first full backup future backups will only take up space from changed files.
  • Standard exclusion list to avoid taking backup of log files etc.
  • Options to select backup frequency.
  • Retention of 2 copies.
  • Weekly.
  • Self restore GUI for cPanel and WHM users!
  • SSL Certificates and more !
  • Download files/backups
  • Full account restore
  • Singe file restore
  • Restore emails
  • Databases
  • Cron jobs

Most running and functional websites need important email addresses and email data in order to be of good service to users. Think of the hassle and headaches that you, as a website owner, would encounter if you lost these valuable data for some unknown reason. This is why it’s always best to periodically back up your website data, including emails.

How to backup cPanel emails ?

When choosing the best cPanel backup service for your requirements, it is best to choose one that offers a lot of different and practical features, easy to use and understand, and does not cost a lot of money. backup services offer all these and more.

The backup software offers many types of backups – ranging from full cPanel account backups, cPanel database backups, cron jobs, emails and more. Right now, we will specifically take a look at backing up emails and the different features surrounding it – like how to backup cPanel user email data, or how to backup cPanel emails. The user-friendly GUI of backup service is all you need really in order to perform those tasks and more. For emails, you simply have to go to the E-Mail Backups button, and you would get the list of backed up email data, when they were created, size, and be able to choose what to do with it.

A good feature of backup software is creating incremental backups, and one of the options you can choose is to incrementally back up your cPanel account emails (contents and mailbox settings), if you wish to perform only that function. You may also choose to exclude some files or folders when backing up data, like for example you want to back up only the email settings but not the content – all of this is possible with Performing tasks such as scheduling to download emails from cPanel has never been easier thanks to this user-friendly software solution.

Backing up your website data often is a good idea. Many people running websites have lost data before, whether by accident or unintentional mistakes, and it can be a real pain to have lost the data that you worked hard for. It is a wise thing to back up your database especially if you plan to do some upgrading or making significant changes to your website in order to avoid losing very important data.

If you are in need of an easy but functional cPanel backup service for your website data, is the solution for your needs. We offer a product that is sure to be very helpful to you and your database backup needs. Our product offers a complete cPanel account backup in an easy to use interface. Additonally, one great feature of our backup service is that you can backup files and folders remotely – to remote SSH, remote FTP, Amazon S3, and Dropbox, aside from your local drives. services also will allow you to backup not only your cPanel accounts, but even generic files and folders, which is very useful if you want to backup important files not related to cPanel accounts.

If you use a MySQL database and you have a problem with how to restore MySQL database in cPanel, then is your solution once again. services also allow you to back up your database periodically, and you can even configure it in such a way to make sure a cPanel automatic database backup will occur, at your specified time and date (maybe every week, or every month; depending on your choice). This is helpful so that you don’t have to do backups manually every time.

Restoring databases are also easy and very user friendly. If you wish to perform a cPanel restore database, all you need to do is go to the Backup Manager and click the Database Backups icon. Select the specific database you wish to restore, then click the Restore button. You will be directed to a detailed explanation before being asked if you wish to proceed. If you do, simply click Restore again and in a short time, your database will be restored to the point in time you selected. It’s that simple.

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