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If you are an Entrepreneur with limited or minimal budgets OR a fledgling business owner OR a Student looking for leveraging immense benefits from the Internet , we are here to help you.

We spend some of our earnings , every year, to make such platform available to you , without keeping any commercial expectations. It is part of our Vision and Mission to help the Society. As a newcomer to the Online fraternity , we welcome you to the taste of Internet.

Who will understand your needs better than us ?
We sure understand your needs, concerns and your ambitions. We were hosting 27,500 free websites like from 1999 to 2002 , while others were , probably, busy selling Ad space on such sites. We are proud to see some of those users running a 100+ staff company today.

Today , we offer FREE Hosting on your own domains. Enjoy the dream URLs of . There is only one hitch. The infrastructure that we provide to you is way inferior compared to that provided to Enterprise class customers but it is adequate for your goal. All latest software features, hands on live environment, 99% plus uptime is more than what you can expect to taste your honeymoon with online community.

Do register a domain name, pay for it, its your investment and enjoy the hosting services .

Explore !! Learn !! Empower yourself !!